Madden Engineered Products, LLC. was originally the P.E. Madden Co. of Chicago, IL. which started in the industrial water treatment chemical business, making boiler continuous blowdown flow control and heat recovery equipment in the 1930s…. we’ve been doing this for a long time.
At Madden, we have nearly everything to service your boiler blowdown needs. Madden boiler blowdown equipment can hold boiler blowdown, separate boiler blowdown to steam and wastewater, cool boiler blowdown, control continuous blowdown flow rate, and even recover otherwise lost heat from the blowdown. All of our steam equipment pressure vessels are ASME code stamped for Section VIII, Division 1 requirements and come with a National Board serial number and U-1 form.

Heat Recovery Systems

Madden heat recovery systems are designed to recover energy in otherwise lost BTU’s due to steam ventilation and convection cooling. If you have an application where surface or top continuous blowdown is at least 300 PPH, then there is a Madden Heat Recovery System waiting to save you money. Madden HC and HV units are designed to separate the hot boiler blowdown into flash steam. This flash steam can be recovered and sent back to your deaerator (D/A) tank to be used to heat boiler make up water. The rest of the blowdown is then cooled with counter flowing cooling water, thus allowing it to be safely put into the city sewer.

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HC Series (11 models, 4,000-50,000 PPH, Horizontal Unit)
HV Series (12 models, 3,000-15,000 PPH, Vertical Unit)
HX Series (6 models, 2,000-3,500 PPH, Small Vertical Unit, No Flash Steam Recovery)

HV type Heat Recovery System

Blowdown Separators

The purpose of a boiler blowdown separator when equipped with an aftercooler, is to cool off the intermittent boiler blowdown flow so the wastewater can be safely discharged into a public sewer system and so that the flash steam can be safely vented into the atmosphere. This process happens immediately via cold quenching water.

Our standard aftercoolers come with a temperature gauge and self-operating cold water regulating valve. Madden can also provide a pre-assembled cold water supply line upon request.

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Blowdown Separator

Boiler Blowdown Tanks

Blowdown tanks cool your intermittent hot boiler blowdown via the flash steam principle as well as convection cooling. When the hot boiler blowoff enters the tank, the pressure change turns some of the blowdown into flash steam. This is then safely vented into the atmosphere. The rest then cools over a 6-12 hour period before being safely dumped into the city sewer on the next blowdown cycle.

Unless otherwise specified, Madden boiler blowoff tanks are designed to meet the latest NB-27 standards.

Click here to get a closer look at our ASME boiler blowdown tank generic product line. Most often these are now modified to meet NB-27 standards per your boiler’s parameters.

Blowdown Tank

Orifice Meters: Blowdown flow control

The most versatile and durable blowdown flow control product you’re going to find on the market. Madden Orifice Meters are designed to handle hot continuous boiler blowdown 24/7/365. Our orifice meters can be disassembled with common tools for cleaning and maintenance dramatically increasing their life span and reducing your cost in the long run.

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Blowdown Separator

Sample Coolers

Miniature heat exchangers designed to reduce high-temperature liquid samples to safe, usable temperatures for analysis. We have two types with many variations.
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Liquid Sample Coolers
Miniature Heat Exchangers
Pump Seal Flush Coolers

Type 1 Sample Cooler