Water & Steam Sampling


Testing your boiler room’s water and steam properties is pertinent to maintaining proper water quality in your boiling process. Accurate measurements help ensure the boiler room operator can maintain the best makeup water conditions possible. When measuring water quality and adjusting make up water equipment is in harmony, you can expect:

  • Increased boiler room equipment service life.
  • More efficient boiling.
  • Reduced burner fuel consumption.
  • Reduced water treatment chemical consumption by avoiding over dosing.

Adding sample coolers to your testing procedures is a great way to ensure accurate measurements and operator safety. Sample coolers are miniature heat exchangers that use colder water to cool the sampled media (typically water or steam). Cooling these processes ensures flashing won’t occur as well as ensures your measuring instrumentation will accurately read the contaminants and increases instrumentation service life.

Madden has offered sample coolers for over 65 years. Our company can offer selection and design assistance for “one-off” coolers, as well as design assistance for complete sample cooler panels. We focus on mechanical designs, high quality materials, faster lead times, and lower cost systems. Often times we find greatly automated and high tech systems to be more trouble than they’re worth for these grab sample type processes.

Sample Coolers

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Complete, Free Standing Sample Cooler Panels

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