How Madden builds one of the most durable boiler blowdown valves on the market (VIDEO)

May 10, 2017 by Aaron Rhoade

The Madden Orifice Meter is designed to give the operator precise and consistent control of the continuous blowdown flow rate. These boiler blowdown valves are designed to be dependable for years of service life in the boiler room. Madden Orifice Meters consist of two different models, a 250 PSI design and a 650 PSI design.

Other than the body castings and the bolts used to connect the upper and lower portion of these vessels, everything going in to an OM250 or an OM650 is the exact same part. Madden offers 4 different orifice plate sizes to cover a wide range of applications. Within these orifice plates are 17 different hole sizes giving the precise control of the boiler’s continuous surface blowdown. The actual flow rate through each orifice on the plate will very depending on the boiler’s operating pressure. See our OM_datasheet_2016 pages 3 and 4 for expected flow rates in a Madden Orifice Meter per plate size and boiler operating pressure.

For more details about the Madden orifice meter, you can read more on this type of boiler blowdown valve on our webpage here.

Now, let’s take a look at how these durable boiler blowoff valves are made.



If you’re looking for a durable, mechanical boiler blowdown valve, and durability is important to you, then the Madden Orifice Meter is the best product you’ll find. The cost effective units last for years of service life and can be repaired if needed. Not a throw away item as we’re sure you can see from the video.

Give Madden’s simple, rugged quality a try and see just how well the Orifice Meter will work for your boiler blowdown application. Find a sales rep near you, or call 800-369-6233 or email We’ll get you squared away.

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