Customizing a Liquid Sample Cooler

August 12, 2014 by Aaron Rhoade

There are many different manufacturers of sample coolers that can be used for cooling liquids.   What if your specifications are not available in standard sample cooler or miniature heat exchanger products?  We have outlined some options for Madden sample coolers that may be helpful.

  • The most frequent request we get for customized sample coolers is for a stainless steel shell.   Coils are available with stainless steel tubing in both the Madden Type 1 and Type 2 sample coolers, but the standard shell is carbon steel.  The Type 1 models SC0003 and SC0004 are available on special order with a stainless steel shell.
  • What about special coil material of construction if the standard copper or Type 316 stainless steel don’t fit the specification?  Madden Type 1 sample cooler models have 1/4” OD tube coils, and the Type 2 sample coolers are made with both 1/4” and 3/8” OD tubes.  We have supplied sample coolers with Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, and other tube material coils.  As long as we can find the tube you need we can probably make a coil with it.  An advantage of Madden sample coolers is that they all can be disassembled for cleaning or for coil replacement.  Click here to see the Madden sample cooler data sheet for more information today.
  • Are special length coils available?  Yes, we have the ability to make longer or shorter coils for special customer requirements.  For example, the normal coil length for the 3/8” OD tube making up the coil for the model no. SC105 is 20 linear feet.  We had a customer request for a shorter coil so that the coil could be quickly flushed out from one product run to the next because the tube side liquid was different for each run they did.  By using a shorter tube to make the coil, clean out waste volume was reduced and that saved operational dollars.
  • What about cooling water connections?  Customized cooling water connections are available on the Type 2 sample coolers.  That line of products has standard connections of 3/8” NPT for the cooling water.  We have made custom units with 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” NPT nozzles for customers requiring those connections.
  • Are flanged or customized tube side sample connections available?  Sorry, for the sample connections all Madden units have 1/4” NPT piping connections.

Those are some customized options we have been able to offer to customers when the standard construction liquid sample coolers or miniature heat exchangers are not able to meet the required specifications.

Madden technical representatives are available to help select the right sample cooler, or to help with custom features for your application.  Click here to contact us for more information today!